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It’s Sakura Season!
By April 10, 2014
Culture Vixen Sakura Cherry Blossoms Japan 01 Its Sakura Season! travel photos travel

It’s that time of year again sakura, or cherry blossom viewing season in Japan. There’s no experience like walking through a park filled with cherry blossom trees and watching the tiny floral petals float down softly like fragrant snow as they blanket the ground with color. The locals throw hanami parties, festive picnic gatherings that take place under the blooming trees, which by the way are cultivated for their flowers rather than for their cherries (they don’t bear fruit). Here are some spellbinding spring images out of Japan…

Culture Vixen Sakura Cherry Blossoms Japan 02 Its Sakura Season! travel photos travel
Culture Vixen Sakura Cherry Blossoms Japan 03 Its Sakura Season! travel photos travel
Culture Vixen Sakura Cherry Blossoms Japan 04 Its Sakura Season! travel photos travel

China’s Rainbow Mountains
By October 22, 2013
Culture Vixen Rainbow Mountains China 01 Chinas Rainbow Mountains  travel inspirations

Don’t these mountains look absolutely surreal? Insanely enough, they are actually real. These photos are from Zhangye Danxia Geological Park in Gansu Province, China (a remote region in northern central China). The intense color of the mountains are the result of red sandstone and layers upon layers of mineral deposits that were sculpted by the rain and wind over thousands of years to form pure rainbow perfection. (No doubt a little Photoshop action contributed to their stunning beauty as well.) Amazing.

Culture Vixen Rainbow Mountains China 02 Chinas Rainbow Mountains  travel inspirations
Culture Vixen Rainbow Mountains China 03 Chinas Rainbow Mountains  travel inspirations

Above & Beyond, Hong Kong
By May 17, 2012
Above and beyond hong kong 01 Above & Beyond, Hong Kong food

Perched 28 floors up at the top of Hong Kong’s fashionable Hotel ICON in Kowloon, Above & Beyond serves up dim-sum and seasonal Cantonese cuisine amid a spectacular harbor view. This upscale restaurant is just minutes away from the bustling urban center of Tsim Sha Tsui, buzzing with shops, restaurants and museums. However, all that excitement melts away the minute you step into Above & Beyond’s sleek, modern realm.

Above and beyond hong kong 02 Above & Beyond, Hong Kong food
Crispy Pork.

Royal Elegance: Singapore’s Shangri-La
By January 27, 2012
ShagriLa 01 Royal Elegance: Singapore’s Shangri La travel hotel

40 years ago in 1971, the Shangri-La opened its very first hotel in Singapore, eventually spreading out into 72 hotels and resorts around the globe cultivating an effortless lavishness. It is a glamorous place that doesn’t need try too hard, but still exudes extravagance in every way.

Beijing’s Press Club Bar
By November 1, 2011
StRegis PressClubBar 1 Beijings Press Club Bar travel hotel food

The St. Regis hotel in Beijing is home to a number of the city’s hottest dining spots and watering holes. Highlights range from Cantonese to Italian cuisine, and from a cigar lounge to a steakhouse with city views. Yet one standout among these is the Press Club Bar, a stylish find located just off the hotel’s opulent main lobby.

Wanderlust Hotel
By April 4, 2011
wanderlust hotel 011 Wanderlust Hotel travel hotel design

In Singapore’s Little India district there’s a stylish boutique hotel making waves. The Wanderlust Hotel is a haven for contemporary design, filled with funky, one-of-a-kind rooms decorated around cool themes like outer space, bling, a tree, and a typewriter.

wanderlust hotel 021 Wanderlust Hotel travel hotel design

Vertical Osaka Garden
By January 13, 2011

CV osaka organic building 1 Vertical Osaka Garden travel
In a busy city packed with people, Italian architect Gaetano Pesce has designed a garden that reaches skyward. Crawling up the walls of a building filled with restaurants, shops, and office space, Pesce’s upward-sprawling garden houses 80 varieties of plants, all above street level.
CV osaka organic building Vertical Osaka Garden travel

[ via Fresh Home ]

Hongtao Zhou
By October 8, 2010

CultureVixen HongtaoZhou 1 Hongtao Zhou art
Hongtao Zhou is a furniture designer and performance artist who started out studying chemistry in Harbin, China and ended up working as a furniture designer and sculptor, obtaining a Ph.D. in furniture design from Purdue University along the way. The wax chairs pictured above are from his series “Burniture” and are made to be lit until the candles finally burn, melt, and collapse the piece.

“These small wicks are burning down the “coldness” of the icy-looking wax chairs. Cold chairs generate “hot” seats, baking, melting and disappearing. At the same time, the hot wax liquid is melting down into “icicles.” Conflicts. Over consumption will weaken the chair system and eventually cause chair figures to collapse. It is just a matter of time. Burn the ice, burn our seats, burn us.” —Hongtao Zhou

Many of Hongtao’s works, such as his snow furniture pieces below, involve manipulation of ice and snow.
CultureVixen HongtaoZhou 2 Hongtao Zhou art
CultureVixen HongtaoZhou 3 Hongtao Zhou art
CultureVixen HongtaoZhou 4 Hongtao Zhou art

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A Vampire Café & More!
By August 2, 2010

vampire34 A Vampire Café & More! travel
For vampire lovers and creative types, you’ll find oodles of inspiration in the land of love hotels and maid cafés, among Japan’s many fantasy themed establishments. When I lived in Japan, one of my favorite places to go was the Christon Café, a lounge filled with decorative relics and church paraphernalia purchased from various churches around the globe. Everything in there was a feast for the eyes! Well, looks like there are a plethora of new places that have popped up around Tokyo recently with equally imaginative themes, like the Vampire Café pictured above. For the scoop on more themed restaurants check out the

[ photo via the ]

Toilet Talk: One Fancy John
By July 16, 2010
StRegis toilet Toilet Talk: One Fancy John travel top articles hotel design

Okay, I’m not usually one to talk about time spent in the bathroom. However, I just have to make an exception for the über-luxe guest bathrooms at the St. Regis hotel in Beijing. Alright, I’m not actually just talking about the bathrooms, although the designer bath and body products, fresh flowers, and flat screen television in the mirror are certainly nice. What I’m really dying to tell you about is the toilet!

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