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Unicorn Headband
By December 1, 2016
Unicorn Headband 01 Unicorn Headband design

Love this unicorn headband designed by Maria Videl. How awesome is this?!?

Unicorn Headband 05 Unicorn Headband design
Unicorn Headband 06 Unicorn Headband design
Unicorn Headband 02 Unicorn Headband design
Unicorn Headband 03 Unicorn Headband design
Unicorn Headband 04 Unicorn Headband design
Go-Go-Gadget Watch!
By May 11, 2012
TikTok 2 Go Go Gadget Watch! top articles products design

Sure you can clip your nano to anything within arms reach, but if you nod off at work while daydreaming of a top secret life as a double-o or reminiscing about inspector gadget, you know that the nano could be so much more. With music, photos, and all manner of Q inspired gadgetry tucked inside, it could easily be the ultimate all-purpose watch. First, however, you’ll need the ultimate watchband. Enter LunaTik’s CMYK TikTok watch straps for the iPod Nano. Are they worth the geek factor appeal? Are all Nano bands created equal? We took the TikTok CMYK for a spin to find out.

2011 Gift Guide: Stylish Finds Under $35
By December 19, 2011
Gift Guide Under 50 2011 Gift Guide: Stylish Finds Under $35 products design

1. Crystal Cave Rock Ring: Glitzy to the max, this one of a kind glittering ring makes a rockin’ gift!, $20.

2. Silver Orbital Drop Earrings: These versatile earrings are funky and flashy at the same time.
Jones New York, $28.

3. Fish Hotel: How cool is this fish tank?
Crate & Barrel, $29.95.

4. Festive Christmas Tree Hat: The perfect hat for a tree trimming party, right? So adorable!, $34.

5. Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase: This flowery vase has an organic underwater spirit to it.
Anthropologie, $28.

6. Peas USB Hub: How cute! A four-hub USB 2.0 plug for all your devices.
MoMA Store, $32.

7. GingerDead Men Cookie Cutter: Now you can bake your very own undead gingerbread men., $9.

8. Sushi Memo Set: Scribble all your raw thoughts on this paper assortment of sushi. Toro, maguro, tamago, and salmon sushi, respectively.
MoMA Store, $18.95.

Sonya Winner: Colorful Rugs
By July 13, 2011
Sonya winner 01 Sonya Winner: Colorful Rugs products design

Add a splash of color to your room with these beautiful contemporary rugs from Sonya Winner. Her rugs are filled with geometric shapes and colorful bursts of energy throughout each of her collections.

Sonya winner 02 Sonya Winner: Colorful Rugs products design

High Heel Leather Purse
By May 23, 2011

 High Heel Leather Purse design Get a load of this chic handbag designed by Peter Jakubik and made from mahogany cowhide moulded by hand.
 High Heel Leather Purse design

Beardhead Bearded Hats
By March 18, 2011

CV Beardhead 1 Beardhead Bearded Hats top articles design Knitted facial hair? That’s right! Keep your face toasty warm with these ingenious bearded hats by Beardhead. These funny caps come in “Viking,” “Lumberjack,” “Pirate,” and “Grandpa,” which translates to blond, brunette, black, and distinguished, respectively. You can buy add on mustaches too! How cool is that? For the ladies there’s also a pink “Bunny” version, but I prefer either Pirate or Viking myself.

Fortune Cookie Coin Purses
By March 3, 2011

CV fortunecookiecoinpurse Fortune Cookie Coin Purses design

Lucky coin purses? Love these fortune cookie purses by Diana Eng, a former Project Runway (Season 2) designer.

[ via Oh Joy ]

Glow in the Dark Shoes
By February 23, 2011

CV LightShoe Glow in the Dark Shoes products design
Looking like something straight out of an sci-fi story, these wild shoes by designer Edmundo Castillo light up with the push of a button, and can even be set to flash on and off as well! Castillo is said to have been thinking of the movie Tron: Legacy when creating these wedge sandals, which are made with the same type of lights as the movie’s costumes. To recharge these party shoes there’s a USB plug in the heel, guaranteeing hours of illuminated strutting.

I Heart Sunglasses
By February 14, 2011

CultureVixen HeartSunglasses I Heart Sunglasses design
Put your heart into Valentine’s day with these lovely heart-shaped sunglasses that come in red, pink, white, and black from

Sweet Cupcake Caps
By January 17, 2011

CultureVixen CupcakeHats Sweet Cupcake Caps design
Calling all cupcake lovers out there (and really, who isn’t one?), we’ve just stumbled upon the cutest knitted cupcake beanies by Neff. Sold at FredFlare and, they come in three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. To top it all off, they’ve all got fuzzy cherries on the top, and faux sprinkles. Adorable!

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