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Richard Diebenkorn at the De Young Museum of Art in San Francisco
By September 18, 2013
Richard Diebenkorn 01 Richard Diebenkorn at the De Young Museum of Art in San Francisco top articles san francisco travel inspirations art
Berkeley #3, 1953.

Richard Diebenkorn is one of my absolute favorite artists. His large scale canvases are flooded with bold colors that combine to form a uniquely beautiful whole. Seeming to glisten with light, his paintings often hover between the realms of complete abstraction and mildly figurative compositions. Yet all of Diebenkorn’s colorful canvases are tied together by the same energetically-charged quality of raw emotion that continuously plays out alongside an ever-present in-depth exploration of color and light.

Richard Diebenkorn 02 Richard Diebenkorn at the De Young Museum of Art in San Francisco top articles san francisco travel inspirations art
Figure on a Porch, 1959.
Richard Diebenkorn 03 Richard Diebenkorn at the De Young Museum of Art in San Francisco top articles san francisco travel inspirations art
Interior with Doorway, 1962.

George Morrison
By November 9, 2010

CultureVixen GeorgeMorrison 1 George Morrison art
These abstract paintings are by American painter George Morrison. Born on the Grand Portage Indian reservation in Northeastern Minnesota, his Native American name was Wah Wah Teh Go Nay Ga Bo (Standing in the Northern Lights). Yet his paintings hint at his deep roots in abstraction, having studied in New York among Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, and Franz Klein, before heading off to France on a Fullbright.
CultureVixen GeorgeMorrison 2 George Morrison art

Emily Kame Kngwarreye
By October 22, 2010
Culture Vixen EmilyKameKngwarreye Emily Kame Kngwarreye top articles inspirations art
Wild Yam Dreaming

I was absolutely awe-struck by the beautiful interplay of colors and sophisticated simplicity of brushwork in this amazing painting by Emily Kame Kngwarreye. One of the most prominent contemporary Australian aboriginal artists of all time, Emily started out working with batik and only got into painting much later in life when she was nearly 80 years old. Breaking from the predominant Aboriginal painting style of the time, her style changed several times over a short time span as she experimented with lines, dots, brushes, and color in new ways, paving her own unique path.

“Through this painting, we are transported to the center of Australia, to a flat, windswept settlement where outsiders might see only an expanse of red dirt. Our guide is an eighty-five-year-old woman whose eyes are full of observations and who has years of experience painting bodies for ceremonies. Emily Kame Kngwarreye discovered the lush fluidity of acrylics in 1988, launching her extraordinarily prolific career that is full of bravado in handling paint.” —Seattle Museum of Art

Photo by Gayle Wheatley

Barbara Kelley
By September 1, 2010

BarbaraKelley 2 Barbara Kelley art

Barbara Kelley is a painter and printmaker who runs Moon Catcher Studio, located right by the Pacific Ocean two hours north of San Francisco, in Sea Ranch, California. Her paintings have a dreamy, ethereal hint to them, and her vibrant colors pack a powerful punch of energy. When describing her art practice, Barbara lists the following among her arsenal of unique printmaking supplies: “salt, vegetable oil, alcohol, antique laces, embossed papers, and found objects such as leaves, sea weeds, bird feathers, nests from birds and wasps, and even the skin shed from a Pennsylvania Black Snake.” Barbara’s work can be found in collections in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States.

BarbaraKelley 3 Barbara Kelley art

BarbaraKelley 1 Barbara Kelley art

When asked about her artistic influences, Barbara recalls: “My work is influenced by many things, including places I’ve lived or traveled to, Alaska, New Mexico, Washington, China, England, among others, or images and ideas from a good book or troubling or joyous events. The colors and shapes in paintings and prints become the visual language reflecting those experiences.”

BarbaraKelley 4 Barbara Kelley art

Visit Barbara’s website to learn more.

Caroline Wright
By July 28, 2010

Caroline Wright1 Caroline Wright art
Caroline Wright is a painter, a cellist, and a yoga instructor who creates dreamy paintings.

“In art, as in life, I am interested in slowing down. Finding vitality in stillness, calm in tumult. Colors unwind at a specific tempo, and the work reveals itself when the viewer walks around inside at a leisurely pace.”—Caroline Wright

Caroline Wright2 Caroline Wright art
Caroline Wright3 Caroline Wright art

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Michael Aldana
By July 23, 2010

Michael Aldana 1 Michael Aldana art
Michael Aldana works in acrylic and gouache to create his large-scale, abstract compositions.

“Recently my art works have been attempts to grapple with the issue of coastal erosion in South Louisiana. Louisiana is losing land at a rate of a football field every 35 minutes. This is primarily due to the erosion happening along the coast as oil and gas companies have dug canals in their exploration of this oil rich region. The salt water moves in the man made canals and destroys the wetlands further inland, causing vegetation to die, and in turn, causing the land to erode. Before Katrina, I hadn’t thought much about the prospects of losing the land and the culture with which I grew up. After being a part of Katrina and her aftermath, I see just how serious the issue is, and my work since has been aimed at bringing Louisiana’s plight to light.” —Michael Aldana

Michael Aldana 2 Michael Aldana art
Michael Aldana 3 Michael Aldana art
Michael Aldana 4 Michael Aldana art
Michael Aldana 5 Michael Aldana art

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Brooke Reidt
By July 19, 2010

Brooke Reidt 1 Brooke Reidt los angeles art
Perhaps the work of painter and illustrator Brooke Reidt looks familiar to you? If you were a fan of Dollhouse, the two-season hit drama by famed Buffy creator Joss Whedon, you would have noticed Brooke’s work in an episode about a Los Angeles-based painter named Priya. A graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Brooke’s beautiful paintings have a whimsical, organic feel to them.
Brooke Reidt 2 Brooke Reidt los angeles art
Brooke Reidt 3 Brooke Reidt los angeles art
Brooke Reidt 4 Brooke Reidt los angeles art
Brooke Reidt 5 Brooke Reidt los angeles art
Brooke Reidt 6 Brooke Reidt los angeles art

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Wu Guanzhong: Fusing East with West
By June 11, 2010

WuGuanzhong 1 Wu Guanzhong: Fusing East with West art

Photo via Hong Kong Museum of Art

Wu Guanzhong 吴冠中 is a striking Chinese painter whose work has helped define modern Chinese art. Born in 1919 in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, Wu went on to study at Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Beaux-arts in Paris, before returning to China to teach art. Wu was the first living Chinese artist to have a solo show at the British Museum in 1992.

Wu’s art contains a whisper of Western influence, and his painting technique hints at his classical European training. Yet his striking paintings and large-format works on paper bravely explore the balance of white space and form in a way that is distinctly Chinese, marrying dramatic use of line work with a mature color palate.

WuGuanzhong 3 Wu Guanzhong: Fusing East with West art

Photo via Gayle Wheatley

WuGuanzhong 41 Wu Guanzhong: Fusing East with West art

Photo via Hong Kong Museum of Art

(Click Here For More Wu Guanzhong)

Lisa Solberg
By March 17, 2010

lisa solberg Lisa Solberg art

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