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I Heart Sunglasses
By February 14, 2011

CultureVixen HeartSunglasses I Heart Sunglasses design
Put your heart into Valentine’s day with these lovely heart-shaped sunglasses that come in red, pink, white, and black from

Sweden’s Treehotel
By February 9, 2011
CV Treehotel 1 Sweden’s Treehotel travel hotel design

Imagine slumbering way up high in a tree amid a soundtrack of birds and windows that show off sky. Well you can do just that at the Treehotel, located near the arctic circle in the tiny Swedish village of Harads. A town with a population of only 600, this is the perfect place to reconnect with nature in a truly unique way.

CV Treehotel 2 Sweden’s Treehotel travel hotel design

Interactive Music Video by Arcade Fire
By February 4, 2011

CV wildernessdowntown 01 Interactive Music Video by Arcade Fire design
For something a little different, go to the following site and put in your home address to view your own custom music video created using google satellite imagery and your own computer drawn messages…

CV wildernessdowntown 02 Interactive Music Video by Arcade Fire design

100 logos, 100 days
By February 3, 2011

CV 100 logos 100 logos, 100 days inspirations design
Croatian graphic designer Robert Butkovic created 100 logos in 100 days. Yes, 100 days! How, you may wonder? Well his only rule was that each logo was completed in under 100 minutes. He completed his goal this January and you can see the logos HERE.

Gypsy Caravan Hotels in France
By January 29, 2011

CV gypsycaravan 1 Gypsy Caravan Hotels in France  travel hotel design

Looking for a unique travel experience? Try staying in a gypsy caravan! Romantic, fun, and all the rage right now, gypsy caravans, also known as roulottes in French, come decked out in full bohemian chic, creating a dreamy ambiance that global nomads are sure to appreciate.

CV gypsycaravan 2 Gypsy Caravan Hotels in France  travel hotel design

Check out a couple caravan hotels here. Gypsy caravans can also be rented out to tour around in. What a fantastic way to experience the French countryside! And for those who fall in love with les roulottes, you can buy your very own dream wagon from the Gypsy Caravan Company.

CV gypsycaravan 3 Gypsy Caravan Hotels in France  travel hotel design

[ photos via lesroulottes ]

Interview with Fashion Designer Charlotte Hudders
By January 26, 2011

CV CharlotteHudders 01 Interview with Fashion Designer Charlotte Hudders top articles interviews design

Panaz designer dress

Charlotte Hudders is a talented fashion designer who creates not only visually inventive designs, but exciting costumes as well. Hailing from the UK, Charlotte also spends time abroad in Bali drawing inspiration for her designs. The way she translates her ideas into illustrations and watercolors before ultimately transforming those into fabric is fascinating to observe. Culture Vixen had the chance to talk in depth with Charlotte about her work.

Gayle Wheatley (GW): How did you decide to pursue design and how did you get started as a designer?
Charlotte Hudders (CH):
I was always very passionate about art and design at school. My parents encouraged my brothers and I to be creative. My mum is an artist and trained as a dressmaker. She would make us wonderful outfits and costumes growing up. I think that is probably where my passion for fashion and costumes began!

CV CharlotteHudders 02 Interview with Fashion Designer Charlotte Hudders top articles interviews design

After leaving school I studied art foundation for a year before going on to study theater and performance design at Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

Although I was drawn to studying fashion and textiles, I still wanted to expand my knowledge in other areas of design. The course enabled me to explore a range of different design opportunities: costume, fashion, set design, and prop making. Being able to learn these different disciplines has really enabled me to push the boundaries of fashion and costume design by using unconventional techniques and materials.

CV CharlotteHudders 03 Interview with Fashion Designer Charlotte Hudders top articles interviews design

Dress made from shopping bags, Cricket Boutique

GW: What is the craziest costume you’ve ever designed?
CH: I love designing costumes that incorporate prop making into them. I designed a costume based on the character ‘Silky’ from the Enid Blyton book The Magical Faraway Tree where the theme was to design it as though Terry Gilliam directed the screen version. Instead of having beautiful silky hair like the story suggests, the costume depicted a much darker side to Silky’s nature. Her skirt suggests that she has come out of a cocoon and that she was originally a silk worm! The organic nature of her costume reflects her natural environment, dried out cabbages are sewn into the corset with elements of hand painting and burnt out organza (pictured below).


Sweet Cupcake Caps
By January 17, 2011

CultureVixen CupcakeHats Sweet Cupcake Caps design
Calling all cupcake lovers out there (and really, who isn’t one?), we’ve just stumbled upon the cutest knitted cupcake beanies by Neff. Sold at FredFlare and, they come in three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. To top it all off, they’ve all got fuzzy cherries on the top, and faux sprinkles. Adorable!

Mini Robo Vacuum
By January 11, 2011

CultureVixen mini robots Mini Robo Vacuum products design Love robots? Then you’ll adore this mini robot vacuum from one of my favorite stylish shops, The perfect desktop assistant, this mini bot will clean up after you, picking up your crumbs, pencil shavings, and more!

[ via Fred Flare and Swiss Miss ]

Salon du Chocolat
By January 7, 2011

CV SalonDuChocolat 2 Salon du Chocolat food design
Edible chocolate couture? That sounds too good to be true! Each year the world’s largest show dedicated to chocolate, the Salon du Chocolat, is held in Paris, part of a ten-city tour of sweet fashion and chocolate goodies. Delicious!
CV SalonDuChocolat 1 Salon du Chocolat food design
CV SalonDuChocolat 3 Salon du Chocolat food design
CV SalonDuChocolat 4 Salon du Chocolat food design
CV SalonDuChocolat 5 Salon du Chocolat food design

[ via Salon du Chocolat and Dessert Girl ]

Sequined Animals
By January 5, 2011

CV WestElm Sequined Animals design
I love how the holiday season ushers in the sparkles and sequins each year. Clothes get more glittery, the latest fashions feature more silver and gold, shoes sport shimmery rhinestones, and everything is just a-twinkle! Well fashion isn’t the only place to shine. This year West Elm, one of my favorite furniture stores, is featuring festive sequined animals, and $5 of each purchase goes to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. So decorate away with sequined squirrels, rabbits, and birds!
CV WestElm 2 Sequined Animals design

[ via West Elm ]

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