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Elixir of the Week
By January 21, 2011

CV bloodhound Elixir of the Week food

The Bloodhound
All the rage in 1920′s London, order a Bloodhound for a refreshing punch of strawberry.

On a recent evening out on the town, I encountered a bar with a cocktail list so long and exotic I was compelled to look up individual drinks on my phone first just to figure them out. This made me realize how in need of expansion my staple cocktail list is. This led to more thinking, and more drinking.

Voila! Culture Vixen’s elixir of the week was born. As each work week comes to a close, why not break up the monotony of endless gin and tonics, cosmos, and tequila sunrises? We’ll be bringing you a fresh new cocktail to help you unwind into the weekend. As always, your suggestions are welcome.

Here’s our pick of the week:

1 1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz dry vermouth
1/2 oz sweet red vermouth
1/4 oz crème de fraise
6 strawberries

[ photo via cocktail culture ]

Photo of the Day: Aurora Borealis over Finland
By January 19, 2011

CV ArouraBorealis Finland Photo of the Day: Aurora Borealis over Finland travel photos travel
Lonely Planet is a great place to get inspired for your next adventure. While browsing through their slideshow galleries, I stumbled on this magical image of a silhouetted forest in Finland, captured by photographer David Tipling. Breathtaking! Now I’m dreaming of nothing but northern lights.

Sweet Cupcake Caps
By January 17, 2011

CultureVixen CupcakeHats Sweet Cupcake Caps design
Calling all cupcake lovers out there (and really, who isn’t one?), we’ve just stumbled upon the cutest knitted cupcake beanies by Neff. Sold at FredFlare and, they come in three flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. To top it all off, they’ve all got fuzzy cherries on the top, and faux sprinkles. Adorable!

Vertical Osaka Garden
By January 13, 2011

CV osaka organic building 1 Vertical Osaka Garden travel
In a busy city packed with people, Italian architect Gaetano Pesce has designed a garden that reaches skyward. Crawling up the walls of a building filled with restaurants, shops, and office space, Pesce’s upward-sprawling garden houses 80 varieties of plants, all above street level.
CV osaka organic building Vertical Osaka Garden travel

[ via Fresh Home ]

Mini Robo Vacuum
By January 11, 2011

CultureVixen mini robots Mini Robo Vacuum products design Love robots? Then you’ll adore this mini robot vacuum from one of my favorite stylish shops, The perfect desktop assistant, this mini bot will clean up after you, picking up your crumbs, pencil shavings, and more!

[ via Fred Flare and Swiss Miss ]

Salon du Chocolat
By January 7, 2011

CV SalonDuChocolat 2 Salon du Chocolat food design
Edible chocolate couture? That sounds too good to be true! Each year the world’s largest show dedicated to chocolate, the Salon du Chocolat, is held in Paris, part of a ten-city tour of sweet fashion and chocolate goodies. Delicious!
CV SalonDuChocolat 1 Salon du Chocolat food design
CV SalonDuChocolat 3 Salon du Chocolat food design
CV SalonDuChocolat 4 Salon du Chocolat food design
CV SalonDuChocolat 5 Salon du Chocolat food design

[ via Salon du Chocolat and Dessert Girl ]

Sequined Animals
By January 5, 2011

CV WestElm Sequined Animals design
I love how the holiday season ushers in the sparkles and sequins each year. Clothes get more glittery, the latest fashions feature more silver and gold, shoes sport shimmery rhinestones, and everything is just a-twinkle! Well fashion isn’t the only place to shine. This year West Elm, one of my favorite furniture stores, is featuring festive sequined animals, and $5 of each purchase goes to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. So decorate away with sequined squirrels, rabbits, and birds!
CV WestElm 2 Sequined Animals design

[ via West Elm ]

Lesley Dill
By January 3, 2011

CV LesleyDill 1 Lesley Dill art
I had a chance to view Brooklyn-based artist Leslie Dill’s work recently as part of the “Elements of Nature” show at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art in Malibu, California. Loved her poem dress and poem suit.
CV LesleyDill 2 Lesley Dill art

[ images via George Adams Gallery & Gayle Wheatley ]

Abigail Ahern
By December 30, 2010

CV abigail ahern 1 Abigail Ahern design
UK designer Abigail Ahern’s world is full of vintage animal lamps and shimmery star cushions. Her furniture is funky, her lighting is very Alice in Wonderland, and I absolutely love her jumbo-headed vases! (pictured below)
CV abigail ahern 4 Abigail Ahern design
CV abigail ahern 5 Abigail Ahern design
CV abigail ahern 3 Abigail Ahern design
CV abigail ahern 2 Abigail Ahern design

[ via and Jealous Curator ]

Glass Globe Doorknobs by Hideyuki Nakayama
By December 27, 2010

CV GlassGlobeDoorknob 1 Glass Globe Doorknobs by Hideyuki Nakayama design
This imaginative glass globe doorknob designed by Hideyuki Nakayama provides a sneak peak of things to come by reflecting none other than the room on the other side of the door!
CV GlassGlobeDoorknob 2 Glass Globe Doorknobs by Hideyuki Nakayama design

[ via Spoon & Tamago ]

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