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Lucy and Bart
By August 16, 2010

lucyandbart Lucy and Bart other

“LucyandBart is a collaboration between Lucy McRae and Bart Hess described as an instinctual stalking of fashion, architecture, performance and the body. They share a fascination with genetic manipulation and beauty expression. Unconsciously their work touches upon these themes, however it is not their intention to communicate this. They work in a primitive and limitless way creating future human shapes, blindly discovering low – tech prosthetic ways for human enhancement.”

Exploded View Lucy and Bart other
Grow+On+You 2 Lucy and Bart other

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Steve Scott
By August 15, 2010

Steve Scott 1 Steve Scott art
Steve Scott is an animation director and illustrator based in London. His imaginative work showcases the fantastical, with a healthy touch of science fiction thrown in.
Steve Scott 2 Steve Scott art
Steve Scott 3 Steve Scott art
Steve Scott 4 Steve Scott art
Steve Scott 5 Steve Scott art
Steve Scott 6 Steve Scott art
Steve Scott 7 Steve Scott art

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Hans Silvester: Natural Fashion
By August 12, 2010

tribal fashion01 Hans Silvester: Natural Fashion design art
These stunning photographs are the recent work of German photographer Hans Silvester. They feature the Surma and Mursi people of the Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia, and their unique body painting. Silvester has a book out, Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa, showcasing his tribal photography.
tribal fashion02 Hans Silvester: Natural Fashion design art
tribal fashion03 Hans Silvester: Natural Fashion design art
tribal fashion04 Hans Silvester: Natural Fashion design art
tribal fashion05 Hans Silvester: Natural Fashion design art
tribal fashion06 Hans Silvester: Natural Fashion design art
tribal fashion07 Hans Silvester: Natural Fashion design art
tribal fashion08 Hans Silvester: Natural Fashion design art
Read more about Hans Silvester

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Sanna Dyker
By August 10, 2010

Sanna Dyker 1 Sanna Dyker art
Sanna Dyker is an illustrator based in Dundee, Scotland, who creates charming sketches that have appeared in the Scottish art zine yuck ‘n’ yum and Edinburgh Festivals magazine.
Sanna Dyker 2 Sanna Dyker art

“I like to focus on the small nitty gritty details of people’s everyday existences; from passing gossip and menial everyday tasks to unkempt hair and chocolate wrappers that have missed the bin. I gather them all up in my head like a giant scrapbook, and bring them into my work, conserving them in some sort of form before they are past recollection.”—Sanna Dyker

Sanna Dyker 3 Sanna Dyker art
Sanna Dyker 4 Sanna Dyker art

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Stellar Graphic Art for the Los Angeles Folk Festival
By August 9, 2010

LA Fok Festival Cool Design Stellar Graphic Art for the Los Angeles Folk Festival  los angeles design
Love this catchy watercolor graphic design. It was created for the Los Angeles folk festival.

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Zombie Leg Love
By August 6, 2010

Zombie Love Zombie Leg Love inspirations art
This piece is by Fee Harding, aka Burnt Feather. You can find her prints at her Etsy shop below:

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OMG! It’s Uglycorn!
By August 4, 2010

Uglycorn OMG! Its Uglycorn! products design
There are ugly dolls and then there are ugly dolls! I am loving the new uglycorn, available at Giant Robot and Toy Tokyo

“Uglycorns are a super rare breed. They mostly show up when you’re just about to fall asleep and your ice cream is just about to hit the floor. Or you know how you wake up and think you’re seeing something but really it’s just a jacket on a chair or something like that? Yeah, don’t you hate that?”—

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Petit Beurre Coussin
By August 3, 2010

Petit Beurre Coussin Petit Beurre Coussin design
Love this cute butter/biscuit pillow by Maxi Glob!

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A Vampire Café & More!
By August 2, 2010

vampire34 A Vampire Café & More! travel
For vampire lovers and creative types, you’ll find oodles of inspiration in the land of love hotels and maid cafés, among Japan’s many fantasy themed establishments. When I lived in Japan, one of my favorite places to go was the Christon Café, a lounge filled with decorative relics and church paraphernalia purchased from various churches around the globe. Everything in there was a feast for the eyes! Well, looks like there are a plethora of new places that have popped up around Tokyo recently with equally imaginative themes, like the Vampire Café pictured above. For the scoop on more themed restaurants check out the

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Caroline Wright
By July 28, 2010

Caroline Wright1 Caroline Wright art
Caroline Wright is a painter, a cellist, and a yoga instructor who creates dreamy paintings.

“In art, as in life, I am interested in slowing down. Finding vitality in stillness, calm in tumult. Colors unwind at a specific tempo, and the work reveals itself when the viewer walks around inside at a leisurely pace.”—Caroline Wright

Caroline Wright2 Caroline Wright art
Caroline Wright3 Caroline Wright art

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