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By September 17, 2010

CultureVixen ShotoPop 01 SHOTOPOP design
These unique graphics were created by SHOTOPOP, a group of graphic and interactive designers based in London.
CultureVixen ShotoPop 02 SHOTOPOP design
CultureVixen ShotoPop 03 SHOTOPOP design
CultureVixen ShotoPop 04 SHOTOPOP design

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Moss Rings!
By September 15, 2010

CultureVixen mossring Moss Rings! other

This ring is alive! You’re looking at a real bed of moss set in wood. Yes, that means you have to water it. This charming ring was a collaboration between Cometman, a jewelry designer, and Kokeya, a bonsai designer. You can buy your very own through Ladestore.

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Rahel Winiger
By September 14, 2010

RahelWiniger 1 Rahel Winiger art
I’m lovin’ these colorful, fun children’s book illustrations by Rahel Winiger.
RahelWiniger 2 Rahel Winiger art
RahelWiniger 3 Rahel Winiger art
RahelWiniger 4 Rahel Winiger art

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Mark Bradford
By September 10, 2010

MarkBradford 1 Mark Bradford los angeles art
L.A. artist Mark Bradford’s abstract, large-scale mixed media paintings are big, colorful compositions to behold in person, loaded with all kinds of funky organic shapes, metallic paints, and glue remnants from peeled away surfaces, as a result of layers and layers of paper manipulated with nylon string, caulking, and sanding.
MarkBradford 2 Mark Bradford los angeles art
Mark hails from Leimert Park in South Central Los Angeles, where he used to create signs for his mother’s beauty shop. He went on to study art at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), and now maintains studio space in the same building that once housed his mother’s hair salon.
MarkBradford 3 Mark Bradford los angeles art

“I always made stuff but never thought, I’m going to be an artist. I was in charge of painting signs at the beauty shop (PRESS AND CURL $25; JHERI CURL $45). I did home movies. About the time I was 7, I got really into black-exploitation films, so I made my own Wonder Woman, but I made her black.” —Mark Bradford via

MarkBradford 4 Mark Bradford los angeles art
MarkBradford 5 Mark Bradford los angeles art
Mark’s work is currently on view until October 10th at:

Wexner Center for the Arts‎

The Ohio State University
1871 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43210

The exhibition will also travel to the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
MarkBradford 6 Mark Bradford los angeles art
MarkBradford 7 Mark Bradford los angeles art

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Amy Casey
By September 8, 2010

AmyCasey 1 Amy Casey art
Amy Casey is a painter based in Cleveland, Ohio. Her paintings focus on buildings that balance wildly at the most compelling angles. So what’s behind all these crazy balancing acts? In Amy’s own words:

“For about the last eight years, I’ve been experiencing a sporadically recurring dream about the end of the world. Animals stampeding and buildings falling into dust around me. I wake up in a panic and with a heavy sense of inevitability. Although I’m not trying to recreate this dream in my work, I think that like my dream, my paintings reflect my view of the nervous state of affairs the world seems to be in.” —Amy Casey

AmyCasey 2 Amy Casey art
AmyCasey 3 Amy Casey art
AmyCasey 4 Amy Casey art
AmyCasey 5 Amy Casey art

[ via Amy Casey ]

Leigh Taylor Mickelson
By September 5, 2010

LeighMichelson Leigh Taylor Mickelson art
Leigh Taylor Mickelson is a ceramic artist based in Ossining, New York whose sculptural creations showcase botanical forms in a funky, imaginative way. LeightMickelson 3 Leigh Taylor Mickelson art LeightMickelson 4 Leigh Taylor Mickelson art

“My ceramic sculpture explores the different components of self, sexuality and family, and how these components relate and conflict with one another. I use forms from nature, especially ones found in plant life, as a means of expressing these components. Being full of dichotomy, the elements of natural forms act as a metaphor for the spiritual, emotional and physical extremes that exist within our selves, our love relationships and our family units.”
-Leigh Taylor Mickelson

LeightMickelson 5 Leigh Taylor Mickelson art LeightMickelson 6 Leigh Taylor Mickelson art

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Barbara Kelley
By September 1, 2010

BarbaraKelley 2 Barbara Kelley art

Barbara Kelley is a painter and printmaker who runs Moon Catcher Studio, located right by the Pacific Ocean two hours north of San Francisco, in Sea Ranch, California. Her paintings have a dreamy, ethereal hint to them, and her vibrant colors pack a powerful punch of energy. When describing her art practice, Barbara lists the following among her arsenal of unique printmaking supplies: “salt, vegetable oil, alcohol, antique laces, embossed papers, and found objects such as leaves, sea weeds, bird feathers, nests from birds and wasps, and even the skin shed from a Pennsylvania Black Snake.” Barbara’s work can be found in collections in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States.

BarbaraKelley 3 Barbara Kelley art

BarbaraKelley 1 Barbara Kelley art

When asked about her artistic influences, Barbara recalls: “My work is influenced by many things, including places I’ve lived or traveled to, Alaska, New Mexico, Washington, China, England, among others, or images and ideas from a good book or troubling or joyous events. The colors and shapes in paintings and prints become the visual language reflecting those experiences.”

BarbaraKelley 4 Barbara Kelley art

Visit Barbara’s website to learn more.

Cloud Storage
By August 30, 2010

cloud shelf 1 Cloud Storage products design
Time to paint your walls sky blue and slap on some clouds! These Hylla Cumulus cloud shelves designed by Carl Hagerling are such a dreamy way to house your odds and ends.
cloud shelf 2 Cloud Storage products design

[ via DesignTorget and Gizmodo ]

Artist Interview with Sandy Ostrau
By August 25, 2010

Sandy Ostrau 01 Artist Interview with Sandy Ostrau top articles interviews
Sandy Ostrau’s wonderful paintings are filled with lush splashes of colorful energy. Composed on location, Sandy paints iconic Northern California landscapes, adding her own distinct artistic zest. As a result, Sandy’s paintings have an indescribable magical element about them. Light spills dynamically down dizzying hillsides, telephone wires are braided together with thick brush strokes of sky, waves swallow tiny chunks of rock, and the sea and sky duel for dominance over the horizon line.

Culture Vixen’s Gayle Wheatley caught up with Sandy to discuss art and creative inspirations.

Sandy Ostrau 02 Artist Interview with Sandy Ostrau top articles interviews
Gayle Wheatley: How did you get your start as an artist?
Sandy Ostrau:
Even as a kid art was my thing. I drew and painted on everything through high school and into college studying Art History. I started selling hand painted furniture, clothing, and ceramics in the 90′s and had a contract for my designs with Nordstrom department stores selling silk screened designs as wearable art. My line was selling well but I was spending too much of my time on sales and business and less and less time on art so I closed up shop and began taking oil painting and drawing classes at the Palo Alto Art Center. I fell in love with oil, a very forgiving medium, and began to focus on plein-air landscape painting.
Sandy Ostrau 04 Artist Interview with Sandy Ostrau top articles interviews
Sandy Ostrau 03 Artist Interview with Sandy Ostrau top articles interviews
GW: What are some of your artistic inspirations?
I found two fabulous teachers, Brigitte Curt and Jim Smyth and studied painting with them. Over the years I was influenced by Bay Area artists Seldon Gile and the Society of Six artists and many of the iconic artists of the Bay Area Figurative movement including Richard Diebenkorn and Elmer Bischoff. From this influence I have developed my own style of modern landscapes.


They Draw and Cook
By August 23, 2010

Juan Diaz Faes pinchos01 They Draw and Cook top articles inspirations food art
They Draw and Cook is a blog featuring inspired illustrated recipes and food art. Cooked up by professional illustrators Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell, the idea blossomed while the two were on a family vacation and Nate threw together a pasta dish based on a meal he once had in Berlin. Said dish included figs. Salli bought the figs. She began painting them. Food fused with art. From there the pair set out to create an illustrated recipe book, which also became a blog featuring yummy artwork by talented artists all around the world. A new delicious post is added daily and there’s now a separate Kids Draw and Cook blog for aspiring food lovin’ artists 16 and under. Bon Appétit!
MichaelRobertson cocktails02 They Draw and Cook top articles inspirations food art
CanndyPan asiansalad03 They Draw and Cook top articles inspirations food art
ElianeMancera bananabread04 They Draw and Cook top articles inspirations food art
JenniferVolkman kielbasa05 They Draw and Cook top articles inspirations food art
Szewczyk gnocchi blog06 They Draw and Cook top articles inspirations food art
Nate Padavick darkstormy07 They Draw and Cook top articles inspirations food art
JannieHo chocchip08 They Draw and Cook top articles inspirations food art
CarlaMarin10 They Draw and Cook top articles inspirations food art
DanteTerzigni sushi09 They Draw and Cook top articles inspirations food art

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