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Cable Art by Maisie Maud Broadhead
By April 8, 2011

maisie broadhead Cable Art by Maisie Maud Broadhead design Got blank walls, and are you at a loss about how to fill them? How about creating cable art with your spare cords and wires? Check out these installations by designer Maisie Maud Broadhead.
maisie broadhead 2 Cable Art by Maisie Maud Broadhead design

[ via Fresh Home ]

How to Make Radish Mushrooms
By April 7, 2011

radish mushrooms How to Make Radish Mushrooms food Ooooh! Dress up your salads with these radish mushrooms. Add to that by creating little eyes, which will transform your “mushrooms” into Super Mario mushrooms! Check out the tutorial here.

[ via The Paper Pony ]

New York’s M.A.C. Wonder Woman Pop-Up Store
By April 6, 2011

Wonder Woman pop up store 1 New Yorks M.A.C. Wonder Woman Pop Up Store design Looking for supersize lipglass, reflex glitter pigments, or nail polish in a shade worn by Wonder Woman? Then check out M.A.C. cosmetics’ one-of-a-kind Wonder Woman pop-up shop in New York for a dose of heroine goodness.

A Cloud Umbrella and Smart Egg Lamp by Joon & Jung
By April 5, 2011

joon and jung 1 A Cloud Umbrella and Smart Egg Lamp by Joon & Jung design Today I stumbled across these two great products: a cloud umbrella and an egg lamp. They were designed by Joon & Jung, a product design studio based in the Netherlands and run by two designers from South Korea.joon and jung 2 A Cloud Umbrella and Smart Egg Lamp by Joon & Jung design

Wanderlust Hotel
By April 4, 2011
wanderlust hotel 011 Wanderlust Hotel travel hotel design

In Singapore’s Little India district there’s a stylish boutique hotel making waves. The Wanderlust Hotel is a haven for contemporary design, filled with funky, one-of-a-kind rooms decorated around cool themes like outer space, bling, a tree, and a typewriter.

wanderlust hotel 021 Wanderlust Hotel travel hotel design

Android Wedding Cake
By April 1, 2011

Android Cake Android Wedding Cake food This Android wedding cake is so much fun! A little background behind it: the wedding couple work for T-Mobile and LG—and love Android.

Mindy Shapero
By March 30, 2011

Mindy Shapero 01 Mindy Shapero inspirations art
Mindy Shapero is an artist based in Los Angeles who creates sculptures and installations that are filled with funky shapes and forms evocative of elements one might find on another planet. Mindy is extremely talented at composing surreal forms that have a captivating organic quality about them.
Mindy Shapero 02 Mindy Shapero inspirations art

My Dead Pony
By March 28, 2011

my dead pony 01 My Dead Pony art
These lush mixed media illustrations by self-taught Brussels-based illustrator Raphael, aka My Dead Pony, are influenced by fashion, street art, and graffiti. Raphael mixes digital techniques with more traditional art forms like drawing and watercolor. The result is a stunning world of ethereal illustrations filled with splashes of color.
my dead pony 03 My Dead Pony art

Erik Sommer
By March 25, 2011

erik sommer 01 Erik Sommer art Erik Sommer is a contemporary artist based in New York City whose work reflects his urban environment. Erik paints with cement, and his canvases are filled with interesting textures derived from mixed media applications.

Envirosax Recycled Bag Dress by Amit Ayalon
By March 23, 2011

 Envirosax Recycled Bag Dress by Amit Ayalon design
Envirosax, a company that creates designer reusable bags, commissioned recent design grad, Amit Ayalon to create this lush couture dress out of their collection of unique bag fabrics.

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