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Culture Vixen is an online travel + culture magazine. Launched in October of 2008, the site attracts a diverse group of devoted, design-conscious, and fiercely adventurous readers from all across the globe.

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Editor in Chief—Gayle Wheatley
Website: gaylewheatley.com
Artist Blog: gaylewheatley.com/blog
Email: gayle@culturevixen.com
Twitter: @gaylewheatley

Culture Vixen founder Gayle Wheatley is a professional writer, designer and artist based in San Francisco and Los Angeles. She has a unique angle on the industry having held several prominent positions as an Art Director, Designer, Editor, Writer and Illustrator for a variety of magazines, newspapers, websites and top companies. In addition to having won several highly sought-after journalism fellowships, Gayle also earned degrees in both Journalism and Art.

Her influential work has appeared in Natural Health magazine, Teen magazine, Southern Bride magazine, EasyJet magazine, Tokyo Scene magazine, Wedding Venues and Services magazine, Blood and Thunder magazine, Whole Life Times, CakeSpy.com and for Billabong, among many others. She has also worked with numerous clients in the tourism industry ranging from city tourism boards such as Paris, Vienna, Florence, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Turin, and Helsinki, to national tourism boards and governments in countries like Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Ireland, Fiji, Luxembourg, and Norway.

As a travel writer, Gayle has a unique advantage: with solid expertise in journalism, photography and social media marketing under her belt, she also has a history of living and working overseas, as well as traveling extensively. She speaks 5 languages and so far has traversed 6 continents, almost 50 countries, and 400+ cities.

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Editor + Photographer—Tyson Wintibaugh
Website: wintibaugh.com
Email: tyson@culturevixen.com
Twitter: @wintibaugh

Photographer Tyson Wintibaugh earned degrees in Art, Philosophy and Creative Writing and has held several key positions in the art and design worlds for industry giants like the Walt Disney Company, ABC and ESPN. In addition to his photographic talents, Tyson is also a user experience design guru and product design specialist working in the entertainment sector. He divides his free time between writing fantastical fiction and drawing curious creatures. You might find Tyson playing a round of midnight golf, or singing with the gondoliers in Venice.


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Anne Jansen
Gourmet foodie and Literature Ph.D., Anne is the acclaimed editor of Eat Food Yum, a food blog dedicated to discovering delicious vegetarian hot spots worldwide. Her specialties include book design, vegetarian cuisine, and boutique hotels.

mike jansen culture vixen About Us other
Mike Jansen
Culture Vixen contributing photographer Mike Jansen is our ultimate outdoor enthusiast. A few of his favorite pursuits include surfing, rock climbing, and hiking. Mike specializes in capturing adventure, both in life and in the RAW.

Olaf Svensson

Our editorial assistant extraordinaire, Olaf hails from Stockholm, Sweden and is completely obsessed with photography and Dala horses.

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We truly hope you enjoy what you see here. Feel free to get in touch with questions, comments, suggestions, or just to say hello!

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