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Baleen: An Oceanic Dining Odyssey
By February 27, 2012
Baleen 1 Baleen: An Oceanic Dining Odyssey top articles los angeles food

Located among the lapping waves and pelicans in Redondo Beach, California is one of South Bay’s best kept dining secrets. Lined with palm trees and overlooking a quiet stretch of the marina, Baleen, named for a type of whale, feels miles apart from the bustle of Los Angeles, but chic enough to be a major player on the restaurant scene.

Baleen 3 Baleen: An Oceanic Dining Odyssey top articles los angeles food

Tara Donovan
By February 21, 2012
Tara Donovan 01 Tara Donovan art

I’m completely awestruck by New York sculptress Tara Donovan’s beautiful works of art. Looking at her organic sculptural forms, you can see why she was recently selected for the prestigious MacArthur Foundation ‘genius’ grant. Tara is known for creating unique forms out of ordinary objects like tape, paper plates, pencils, Styrofoam cups and much more. The mundane nature of her materials completely vanish into her otherworldly sculptures revealing instead curious shapes and fascinating textures.

Tara Donovan 02 Tara Donovan art

Alexander Semenov’s Jellyfish Photographs
By February 13, 2012
Alexander Semenov 011 Alexander Semenovs Jellyfish Photographs art

These magical photos of jellyfish were snapped by Russian biologist and sea life photographer Alexander Semenov. Having studied Zoology (with an emphasis on squid brains!), not only are his jellyfish photos phenomenal, but his photography conjures up all kinds of dreams of the sea.

Alexander Semenov 02 Alexander Semenovs Jellyfish Photographs art

Cutting Edge Ergonomics: The Knoll Generation Chair
By February 6, 2012
Knoll 1 Cutting Edge Ergonomics: The Knoll Generation Chair products design

For fellow office potatoes who spend oodles of time at the computer, or those of you who’ve just gotta sit in snazzy comfort, check out the Generation Chair by Knoll. This is one stylish little desk chair. It’s sleek in both form and function and looks pretty much gorgeous accenting any old desk. Best yet it completely holds up to the test time: 10+ hours at your desk in this chair will leave you kink free. Ergonomically correct? Check. Environmentally friendly? Check. Colorful and flashy? Check, and check.

Liam Brazier
By February 1, 2012
Liam Brazier manup Liam Brazier art

Liam Brazier is a freelance illustrator with an impressive roster of clients (think Samsung, the Museum of London, Virgin TV). Love his geometrical digital renderings of comic heroes and sci-fi legends.

Liam Brazier madman Liam Brazier art

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