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Francoise Nielly
By December 27, 2011
Francoise Nielly 1 Francoise Nielly art

Painting with explosive use of color, Francoise Nielly lives and works in Paris, although she grew up in the south of France.

Francoise Nielly 2 Francoise Nielly art
2011 Gift Guide: Stylish Finds Under $35
By December 19, 2011
Gift Guide Under 50 2011 Gift Guide: Stylish Finds Under $35 products design

1. Crystal Cave Rock Ring: Glitzy to the max, this one of a kind glittering ring makes a rockin’ gift!, $20.

2. Silver Orbital Drop Earrings: These versatile earrings are funky and flashy at the same time.
Jones New York, $28.

3. Fish Hotel: How cool is this fish tank?
Crate & Barrel, $29.95.

4. Festive Christmas Tree Hat: The perfect hat for a tree trimming party, right? So adorable!, $34.

5. Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase: This flowery vase has an organic underwater spirit to it.
Anthropologie, $28.

6. Peas USB Hub: How cute! A four-hub USB 2.0 plug for all your devices.
MoMA Store, $32.

7. GingerDead Men Cookie Cutter: Now you can bake your very own undead gingerbread men., $9.

8. Sushi Memo Set: Scribble all your raw thoughts on this paper assortment of sushi. Toro, maguro, tamago, and salmon sushi, respectively.
MoMA Store, $18.95.

2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Design + Style
By December 13, 2011
Design Gift Guide 2011 2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Design + Style top articles products inspirations design

1. Color Wheel Stick Umbrella: Brighten a rainy day with this color burst umbrella!
MoMA Store, $40.

2. Bubble Necklace: Part gaga, part sophisticated artisan necklace, this piece was designed by Marina and Susanna Sent who come from a long line of glass designers hailing from Venice, Italy.
MoMA Store, $115.

3. Generation by Knoll: For the ultimate in office comfort, plant yourself in the Knoll Generation Chair. Designed for maximum flexibility, this chair is bendy and nimble beyond belief, sustainable, and stylishly cutting edge.
Knoll, $1,195.

4. Horse Head: Love horses? This life-sized bust will jazz up any room and serve as a perfect conversation starter at your next cocktail party.
Z Gallerie, $129.95.

5. Vasa Cubes: Colorful and fun, these dazzling prism cubes were created by the Yugoslavian-born sculptor Vasa.
MoMA Store, Set of 6: $350.

6. Sequoia Console Table: This shimmery table crafted from the root of an Acacia tree is hand painted in silver, with accents of silver leaf.
Z Gallerie, $999.

7. Pantone Mugs: A classic graphic design staple, these Pantone mugs come in tons of custom mixed colors.
Pantone, $54-$90 for a set of 6 (price dependent on color schemes).

8. Tea Time Chandelier: An Alice in Wonderland-esque tea party chandelier with 18 vintage teacups dangling from spoons attached to silver serving trays.
Anthropologie, $1,800.

Our Absolute Favorite Holiday Tune this Season:

“Frosty the Snowman” by Zee Avi. This isn’t your typical Frosty tune, Zee has reinvented this classic with an unbelievably fresh twist.

Learning the Art of Moroccan Cooking in Marrakech
By December 5, 2011
moroccan cooking Learning the Art of Moroccan Cooking in Marrakech travel journal travel top articles food
Adding all the ingredients for a chicken tajine.

I love Moroccan cuisine. Pastilla, or meat pies encased in puff pastry and covered with powdered sugar and cinnamon, savory lamb tajines, and hot mint tea don’t even begin to scratch the surface of this complex culinary culture. My food obsession led me all the way to Morocco where I followed my taste buds right into the Moroccan kitchen.

pastilla Learning the Art of Moroccan Cooking in Marrakech travel journal travel top articles food
moroccan roses Learning the Art of Moroccan Cooking in Marrakech travel journal travel top articles food

Photo of the Day: Mr & Mrs Claus Wigs
By December 1, 2011
Santa Barbara christmas wigs Photo of the Day: Mr & Mrs Claus Wigs travel photos inspirations design

It’s December! This wig shop on upper State Street in Santa Barbara caught my eye…it’s finally that time of the year!

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