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Salon du Chocolat
By January 7, 2011

CV SalonDuChocolat 2 Salon du Chocolat food design
Edible chocolate couture? That sounds too good to be true! Each year the world’s largest show dedicated to chocolate, the Salon du Chocolat, is held in Paris, part of a ten-city tour of sweet fashion and chocolate goodies. Delicious!
CV SalonDuChocolat 1 Salon du Chocolat food design
CV SalonDuChocolat 3 Salon du Chocolat food design
CV SalonDuChocolat 4 Salon du Chocolat food design
CV SalonDuChocolat 5 Salon du Chocolat food design

[ via Salon du Chocolat and Dessert Girl ]

Sequined Animals
By January 5, 2011

CV WestElm Sequined Animals design
I love how the holiday season ushers in the sparkles and sequins each year. Clothes get more glittery, the latest fashions feature more silver and gold, shoes sport shimmery rhinestones, and everything is just a-twinkle! Well fashion isn’t the only place to shine. This year West Elm, one of my favorite furniture stores, is featuring festive sequined animals, and $5 of each purchase goes to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. So decorate away with sequined squirrels, rabbits, and birds!
CV WestElm 2 Sequined Animals design

[ via West Elm ]

Lesley Dill
By January 3, 2011

CV LesleyDill 1 Lesley Dill art
I had a chance to view Brooklyn-based artist Leslie Dill’s work recently as part of the “Elements of Nature” show at the Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art in Malibu, California. Loved her poem dress and poem suit.
CV LesleyDill 2 Lesley Dill art

[ images via George Adams Gallery & Gayle Wheatley ]

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