Walter Oltmann
By October 18, 2010

CultureVixen Oltmann 1 Walter Oltmann inspirations art

Caterpillar Suit III (2008)

I finally got to see a couple of Walter Oltmann’s sculpted suits up close and in person this weekend at the Seattle Museum of Art. As part of an ongoing exhibit titled “A Quartet of Suits,” two of Oltmann’s sculptures, Caterpillar Suit I and III, sit across the room from a couple of Nick Cave’s suits.

Born in Rustenburg, South Africa, Oltmann creates fascinating wire sculptures by hand which incorporate African weaving traditions and often allude to insects. The sculptures pictured here are made of anodized aluminum and brass wire.
CultureVixen Oltmann 2 Walter Oltmann inspirations art
CultureVixen Oltmann 4 Walter Oltmann inspirations art

Caterpillar Suit I (2007)

CultureVixen Oltmann 3 Walter Oltmann inspirations art

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