Hongtao Zhou
By October 8, 2010

CultureVixen HongtaoZhou 1 Hongtao Zhou art
Hongtao Zhou is a furniture designer and performance artist who started out studying chemistry in Harbin, China and ended up working as a furniture designer and sculptor, obtaining a Ph.D. in furniture design from Purdue University along the way. The wax chairs pictured above are from his series “Burniture” and are made to be lit until the candles finally burn, melt, and collapse the piece.

“These small wicks are burning down the “coldness” of the icy-looking wax chairs. Cold chairs generate “hot” seats, baking, melting and disappearing. At the same time, the hot wax liquid is melting down into “icicles.” Conflicts. Over consumption will weaken the chair system and eventually cause chair figures to collapse. It is just a matter of time. Burn the ice, burn our seats, burn us.” —Hongtao Zhou

Many of Hongtao’s works, such as his snow furniture pieces below, involve manipulation of ice and snow.
CultureVixen HongtaoZhou 2 Hongtao Zhou art
CultureVixen HongtaoZhou 3 Hongtao Zhou art
CultureVixen HongtaoZhou 4 Hongtao Zhou art

[ via hongtaozhou.com ]

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