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Antony Gormley
By October 28, 2010

CultureVixen Gormley 01 Antony Gormley art
Spanning nearly 40 years, British sculptor Antony Gormley’s work explores the relationship of the human form with spatial planes. With exhibits at the Tate, British Museum, Museum of Modern Art in New York and Los Angeles County Museum of Art among many more, Antony’s pieces can be found in collections worldwide.
CultureVixen Gormley 02 Antony Gormley art
CultureVixen Gormley 03 Antony Gormley art
CultureVixen Gormley 04 Antony Gormley art
CultureVixen Gormley 05 Antony Gormley art
CultureVixen Gormley 06 Antony Gormley art
CultureVixen Gormley 07 Antony Gormley art
CultureVixen Gormley 08 Antony Gormley art
CultureVixen Gormley 09 Antony Gormley art
CultureVixen Gormley 10 Antony Gormley art

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Wayne Thiebaud: on Painting
By October 26, 2010

CultureVixen SFMOMA Thiebaud Wayne Thiebaud: on Painting inspirations art

“Painting I think is one of the great human miracles, in that it attempts, in my view, to make alternate little worlds which are in some ways made parallel to worlds which may be close to the world, but finally which are little worlds in themselves. This gives us when we think about it, like literature, like other forms of art, a kind of expanded world that we can inhabit as well.”—Wayne Thiebaud, in a conversation with Susan Krane of the San Jose Museum of Art

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Emily Kame Kngwarreye
By October 22, 2010
Culture Vixen EmilyKameKngwarreye Emily Kame Kngwarreye top articles inspirations art
Wild Yam Dreaming

I was absolutely awe-struck by the beautiful interplay of colors and sophisticated simplicity of brushwork in this amazing painting by Emily Kame Kngwarreye. One of the most prominent contemporary Australian aboriginal artists of all time, Emily started out working with batik and only got into painting much later in life when she was nearly 80 years old. Breaking from the predominant Aboriginal painting style of the time, her style changed several times over a short time span as she experimented with lines, dots, brushes, and color in new ways, paving her own unique path.

“Through this painting, we are transported to the center of Australia, to a flat, windswept settlement where outsiders might see only an expanse of red dirt. Our guide is an eighty-five-year-old woman whose eyes are full of observations and who has years of experience painting bodies for ceremonies. Emily Kame Kngwarreye discovered the lush fluidity of acrylics in 1988, launching her extraordinarily prolific career that is full of bravado in handling paint.” —Seattle Museum of Art

Photo by Gayle Wheatley

Walter Oltmann
By October 18, 2010

CultureVixen Oltmann 1 Walter Oltmann inspirations art

Caterpillar Suit III (2008)

I finally got to see a couple of Walter Oltmann’s sculpted suits up close and in person this weekend at the Seattle Museum of Art. As part of an ongoing exhibit titled “A Quartet of Suits,” two of Oltmann’s sculptures, Caterpillar Suit I and III, sit across the room from a couple of Nick Cave’s suits.

Born in Rustenburg, South Africa, Oltmann creates fascinating wire sculptures by hand which incorporate African weaving traditions and often allude to insects. The sculptures pictured here are made of anodized aluminum and brass wire.
CultureVixen Oltmann 2 Walter Oltmann inspirations art
CultureVixen Oltmann 4 Walter Oltmann inspirations art

Caterpillar Suit I (2007)

CultureVixen Oltmann 3 Walter Oltmann inspirations art

Mickey’s Halloween Party: SoCal’s Best Halloween Bash
By October 14, 2010
Wheatley Disneyland Halloween Mickey’s Halloween Party: SoCal’s Best Halloween Bash travel top articles los angeles

Looking for ideas to celebrate Halloween? New this year to Disneyland park’s Halloween Time celebration in Southern California is Mickey’s Halloween Party, a special event going on every Tuesday and Friday evening in October leading up to Halloween.

In classic Disney fashion, this is a one-of-a-kind kid-friendly halloween party with plenty of happy spooks and festive Halloween flare. On Tuesday nights the party runs from 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., with early park entry beginning at 3:00 p.m.. Fridays work the same, with park hours pushed back one hour from 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., and early access beginning at 4:00 p.m..

Event Details

Tickets range from $49-$59 and include the $15 parking fee for arrivals during party hours. (Parking before early access hours is not included with your ticket.)

The park closes early for this fun-filled Halloween party, so visitors arriving on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Halloween have three options:

Purchase a regular ticket for the day, with park access ending at 6:00 p.m.
Cost = $68-$76

Purchase a ticket to Mickey’s Halloween party for the evening
Cost = $49-$59, parking included

Splurge and purchase both sets of tickets for full unhindered access
Cost = $117-$135

What do these Special Tickets get you?

Costumed Fun

This is your chance to break out the halloween costumes, and maybe even get more than one wear out of them! Usually costumes aren’t allowed in the park for anyone over age 9, but for Mickey’s Halloween Party, costumes are an attraction. You’re sure to see plenty of amazing Halloween outfits as you wander between rides. There’s even a costume parade at the end of the night filled with innovative ensembles, favorite characters, and even a sampling of hand-picked costumed guests. This special event also brings out classic Disney villains, along with regular costumed Disney characters.

Trick-or-Treating for All Ages

Each guest receives a trick-or-treat bag upon entry to fill up at various trick-or-treat stations spread out around the park throughout the night. Guests are treated to unlimited candy, with treats ranging from gourmet Ghirardelli chocolates, to healthy snacks like sliced apples, to familiar Halloween classics like M&M’s, Twix, Almond Joy, Dots, and Tootsie Rolls. The normal rules don’t apply here—there are no age restrictions and everyone is perfectly welcome to trick or treat, no matter your age! Where else but Disneyland would this be possible?

Spooky Fireworks

Disneyland’s fireworks extravaganzas are known for their sophisticated pyrotechnics, and Mickey’s Halloween Party is no exception. The special Halloween Screams fireworks spectacular features Disney villains like Ursula the sea witch from The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty’s evil fairy Maleficent. You’ll also recognize characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, including Oogie Boogie, Zero, and “Master of Scare-omonies” Jack Skellington. Flashy individually spinning pinwheel fireworks and sky crawling blasts of sparkles are just a few treats awaiting partygoers.

Extra Breathing Room 

Perhaps the best part of this event is the crowds—or lack of them. Although this will certainly fluctuate from night to night, compared with traditional park access, this event is less crowded, providing speedy access to all your favorite rides.

Halloween Ambiance in Overdrive

Disneyland has always done a great job of celebrating Halloween, but this year they’ve outdone themselves. All visitors will be greeted with fall colors, an overflow of pumpkins (more than 300 in fact), and imaginative jack-o-lanterns. The giant 16-foot Mickey Mouse jack-o-lantern can’t be missed as you make your way down Main Street toward the heart of the park, where you’ll find more jack-o-lanterns carved with Disney character art, amid lit pumpkin balloon lamps.

Several attractions, like the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain, have been redone, putting a Halloween twist on classic Disney rides. And at night heavy fog spills over the walkways, creating a ghostly mood.

Event Limitations

There are few disadvantages Halloween Time visitors should be aware of. First off, some rides are closed during this event, such as It’s a Small World and the Enchanted Tiki Room. However, you can take advantage of the early park access to hit some of these rides. Additionally restaurants with table service, such as the Blue Bayou, will be closed for this event.

Halloween in Southern California

Overall, Mickey’s Halloween Party is a great option for Southern California residents as well as those who have been to the park before. However, with limited hours and no fireworks show for day visitors, first-timers or out-of-town visitors may want to consider either buying both tickets in order to get the full experience, or visiting on a day Mickey’s Halloween Party isn’t happening. But for those who love Halloween, Mickey’s Halloween Party can’t be beat. This is easily the best Halloween party in Southern California.

Online Information:

Mickey’s Halloween Party Website

Disneyland Resort, Halloween Time Information

Natalie Zigal
By October 12, 2010

CultureVixen NatalieZigal 1 Natalie Zigal los angeles art
Love these interesting paintings by Natalie Zigal from her series Dissections of Mythological Beasts. Originally from the Bay Area, Natalie now lives in Culver City, California where she works as a content artist for Mattel.
CultureVixen NatalieZigal 2 Natalie Zigal los angeles art
CultureVixen NatalieZigal 3 Natalie Zigal los angeles art
CultureVixen NatalieZigal 4 Natalie Zigal los angeles art

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Hongtao Zhou
By October 8, 2010

CultureVixen HongtaoZhou 1 Hongtao Zhou art
Hongtao Zhou is a furniture designer and performance artist who started out studying chemistry in Harbin, China and ended up working as a furniture designer and sculptor, obtaining a Ph.D. in furniture design from Purdue University along the way. The wax chairs pictured above are from his series “Burniture” and are made to be lit until the candles finally burn, melt, and collapse the piece.

“These small wicks are burning down the “coldness” of the icy-looking wax chairs. Cold chairs generate “hot” seats, baking, melting and disappearing. At the same time, the hot wax liquid is melting down into “icicles.” Conflicts. Over consumption will weaken the chair system and eventually cause chair figures to collapse. It is just a matter of time. Burn the ice, burn our seats, burn us.” —Hongtao Zhou

Many of Hongtao’s works, such as his snow furniture pieces below, involve manipulation of ice and snow.
CultureVixen HongtaoZhou 2 Hongtao Zhou art
CultureVixen HongtaoZhou 3 Hongtao Zhou art
CultureVixen HongtaoZhou 4 Hongtao Zhou art

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Misha Kahn
By October 6, 2010

CultureVixen MishaKahn 1 Misha Kahn art
This installation, titled “cabinet” by Misha Kahn caught my eye straight off. Maybe it’s the concept of everything having its own cubby, or its own specific place in the big scheme of things, but something about it just feels so darn reassuring. It’s extremely visually pleasing from a designer’s standpoint as well, with perfectly customized containers for everything.
CultureVixen MishaKahn 2 Misha Kahn art

“After scanning the hoards of chachkis lying on my bedroom floor I printed out life size puzzle pieces and arranged them into this curious thought bubble.” —Misha Kahn

CultureVixen MishaKahn 3 Misha Kahn art
CultureVixen MishaKahn 4 Misha Kahn art

Plant Heads by FloralArt LA
By October 4, 2010

CultureVixen headvases Plant Heads by FloralArt LA los angeles

You can find these cool cactus-head plant holders online at FloralArt LA, a Venice, California flower boutique located on trendy Abbot Kinney Blvd.

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The Cutest Cupcakes, from The Little Cake Parlour
By October 1, 2010

CultureVixen CakeParlour 1 The Cutest Cupcakes, from The Little Cake Parlour food
The Little Cake Parlour makes the cutest little sweets, with a creative twist: Alice in Wonderland inspired treats, luscious lip cookies, and big-eyed owl cupcakes—oh my! And continuing the delectable trend, eye-catching photos of their fancy sweets are accentuated by the lovely graphic design of their website.
CultureVixen CakeParlour 2 The Cutest Cupcakes, from The Little Cake Parlour food
CultureVixen CakeParlour 3 The Cutest Cupcakes, from The Little Cake Parlour food
CultureVixen CakeParlour 4 The Cutest Cupcakes, from The Little Cake Parlour food
CultureVixen CakeParlour 5 The Cutest Cupcakes, from The Little Cake Parlour food
CultureVixen CakeParlour 6 The Cutest Cupcakes, from The Little Cake Parlour food
CultureVixen CakeParlour 7 The Cutest Cupcakes, from The Little Cake Parlour food

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